8 inch 20 cm Toddler Baby Foot misurare Bambino Infant Scarpe Dimensioni dispositivo di misurazione(Verde)

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1. The perfect shoe sizer for busy families with growing children
2. Mom assured choice.
3. Easily measure baby child from home
4. Great for ordering shoes online, or sizing your child before heading to the store!
5. In case the buy the wrong size shoes.

Material: ABS Plastic
Range: 0-20cm / 0- 7.8inch

Use instruction:
1.make sure your child is wearing socks that fit well. Sit them on someone else’s lap, facing you with their legs dangling. Kneel in front of your child. If your child is able to sit on a chair please ensure this has a firm seat and they can sit safely with their knee bent.
2.hold the measuring gauge in your left hand with the toe slide end nearest your body. Rest your child’s foot in the gauge with their heel in the heel rest – gently hold it in place with your left thumb.

3. keep the gauge parallel to the floor ensuring their knee and ankle stays at right angles throughout the measuring process.
4. with your right hand gently hold down their toes to prevent their toes from curling. Move the toe slide until it just touches the tip of the longest toe.
5.make a note of the length measurement indicated by the black lines in the circular part. Don’t forget to add any extra millimeters from the side scale to the number shown in the circular part .Top Tips: keep the foot flat when taking the measurements.
6.the width tape will automatically be lined up at the correct part of the foot. Don’t pull the tape tight as this well give a narrow measurement.
7.hold the tape end out parallel to the floor. Looking down and making sure you do not twist the gauge read off the number where the tape comes out under the tape carrier indicated by the three black arrows. Make a note of the width measurement in mm.

Every Family Needs a Foot Measure Gauge
The perfect shoe sizer for busy families with growing children
Use it to get correct size for your baby shoe
Material: ABS environmental plastic
Fun to Use, in the comfort of your home!


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misurare le scarpe misurare le scarpe misurare le scarpe
misurare le scarpe misurare le scarpe misurare le scarpe
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